Our results : orthophotography and digital terrain model

Because view from sky is the most forward way to have a global idea of your assets, we operate flying robots (or drones) :

Multirotors (more flexibility)

Fixed wings (longer range of action)

They are autonomous flying machines. We program mission with waypoints and altitudes, area of interests, and send them to work with a high resolution camera.

Aerial mapping mission planning

mission Planner points

Locations of 326 pictures to cover 100 ha with 5cm resolution

The principle of operation is photogrammetry. By taking a full coverage of overlapped pictures from sky, a global and geographical rectified image is created : the orthomosaic, or orthophoto, with a very high resolution of up to 2 cm or even less, depending on your needs. Another interesting deliverable is created : the DEM (Digital Elevation Model) made of millions of XYZ points.

BipagaIndividual pictures, transformed into global aerial view and digital terrain model