Aerial mapping offers a new solution for agricultural investors and farmers. With its ability to give a global view, aerial photography is an optimum solution to identify your concession limits, neighbouring and access path, calculate surfaces, slopes and water flow direction.

By using dedicated sensors, plant activity is also measured and mapped. The result of this study is a plantation diagnostic, with localisation of less productive areas, depicting water stress or fertilizer need.

Parcel mapping

By using same techniques as explained here, we get precise maps of your parcels.


Orthophotography and elevation model of parcel


Parcel limit and surfaces calculation

Precision agriculture : Crop health maps

By using measurement beyond the visible spectre, it is possible to visualise the health of your crops. Indeed, plants are reflecting more or less infrared lights depending of their chlorophyllian activity.

With digital processing of multispectral images, it is possible to calulate an index to visualise this activity. Normalised difference vegetation index, or NDVI,  enhance the difference between visible red and near infrared. This index is sensible to crop vigor and quantity.

NDVI values are comprised between -1 et +1, negative values indicate surfaces other than vegetal, such as water. Nude soils have an index around zero.
Vegetation zones show a positive index between 0,1 et 0,7. Highest values indicates the more dense vegatal coverage.
A result sample is given below and show the index variation on the map, versus the corn plants density as shown on pictures below.
NDVI map and soil sample