The use of drone offers a new point of view on your projects : the view from sky. Many domains are concerned with this technology : civil engineering, land development, natural resources, urbanism, agriculture… In fact applications are limitless.

Thanks to geomatics, the final products are digital models subject to all kind of utilisations:

  • 3D models issue from photogrammetry  can be considered as “3D Capture” for any man made structure, natural landscape or construction site.
  • Orthophotographies are instantaneous capture at topographic accuracy level.

Or simply, aerial view is a newly accessible tool for site study and analysis, visualisation and communication.


Whatever your domain of activity is :

  • Do maps from the sky of hectares of land in less than one hour is a fast and cheap way to get essential informations.
  • Aerial mapping let you inspect, survey and document your infrastructures in a very competitive way compared to land based techniques.
  • Aerial view give clear vision of complex and evoluting layouts. It is an efficient way for construction projects follow-up, from pre-engineering to work acceptance.
  • No physical disturbance on the ground for your own operations.