View of bridge construction site

A drone is an ideal tool for construction site follow up, and do quickly a quality topographic map. By giving you the big pictures, your land survey team can focus on your real time tasks such as structure implantation, vehicle guidance or dimensional control.


Earthwork on route construction

So Geo is operating its own drones and is ready to help you in your projects. Main advantages in surveying with drone are:

  • fast set up and acquisition, no impact on you ongoing operations
  • reduced cost compare to traditional land survey techniques, or plane based photogrammetry
  • drone mission are guided by GPS and can repeat measures from exactly same places at regular intervals, so results are very consistent in time.
  • drones give answer to previously unresolved needs for structural inspection, allowing in the same time to get large scale and very precise view.

Our results are directly usable in your CAD tools : high resolution orthophotography, interpreted maps and level contours, 3D models…

From these 3D models, we can calculate quantities such as volumes, surfaces, lengths and slopes. Typical use is stock volume calculation in stone-pit and open mines.


3D cloud for stock volume calculation