Good data for taking good decisions

Good maps are crucial for any type of land management and planning purpose. Whether your interest is into natural resources, infrastructure engineering, agriculture or urban planning, or any kind of project which concerns a geographical area, a recent and exhaustive map is the right tool for efficient decision making and state of progress following.

Land survey,  from above

So Geo is based in Yaoundé (Cameroon) and in Villebon sur Yvette (France), and perform aerial mapping by using civil drones. We use the more advanced land survey, robotic and information technologies to support your projects by offering you the full chain from raw data capture to on-line mapping data access. Dual frequency geodetic GPS, aerial photogrammetry, GIS and web techniques integration give you a full range of solutions to your work site geographical and topographical needs.


Operations that do not disrupt yours

90 % of our operations are run from the sky, with no disruption on your ground works. Our methods are highly automated and non intrusive, and  allow the shortest required time for the best budget, by minimising the work time of our operators on your site, and allowing the continuity of your own works. The aerial coverage offers a full vision of your site. Being automated, less costly and quicker than conventional land survey techniques, aerial mapping gives the possibility for more frequent surveys, strictly identical along the time in term of coverage and quality,  and in final a better follow up of your own activities.

Your results available anywhere, any scale

The entire data work flow is digital, from capture to diffusion. From aerial pictures we calculate colored 3D models, and from them we issue maps and others results. All the data chain is hosted on our 3D web servers and available for download or direct dynamic visualisation on your web browser. Lengths, surfaces and volumes are directly measurable online. Our deliverables are directly usable in your own systems : GIS or CAD platforms.



We are a geospatial engineering company, and GIS is the core of our activity. Data management, historical search or comparison, progress follow-up… your project is alive and evolving and our expertise can help you.

A large field of applications

Our fields of intervention can cover the following (See Applications page for samples):

  • Urban and Industrial Zones Mapping
  • Real Estate / Development Management
  • Land Use Calculations
  • Construction Support
  • Roads Survey
  • Agriculture / Crop Stress / NIR / NDVI
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Coastal Engineering Support
  • Mining, Volumetrics
  • Powerline  / Infastructure monitoring
  • Disaster Response (Oil Spills / Flood Mapping / Fire Mapping)
  • Insurance / Damage Assessement
  • Change Detection